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Track Pack

A blog that started on a whim. I run High School track. Here is an insight to what the people around me and I take notice to. I follow everyone back and constantly update. Take a look and enjoy ♥
Anonymous:   hey there : D run track as well, this blog makes me smile - keep it up! I just wanted to know, what workouts do you do or how much do you run? Are you considered fast on your team? lovely blog. <3

Thanks :) that means a lot to me! I have been a varsity runner for all four years of highschool.  I don’t train obsessively off season because I play tennis and am pretty occupied with school.  I weight train every other day (in gym) but we lift and squat.  I do a TON of abs (because your core is what holds you together).  Other than that, I got on jogs, and workout with a few other track athletes.  We run hills or stairs.  Then the track season starts and everything gets WAY harder.  I do Blogilates workouts a lot too (look that up on youtube) :) Thanks again

Anonymous:   Do you have any advice for a hurdler who can't stop stutter stepping? Idk what to do about it. Thanks :)

You stutter step cuz you’re afraid you wont get your correct lead leg over the hurdle…

You need to approach the hurdle at full speed, and you also must practice alternating legs in practice, cuz it will happen one day when your steps are off, and you dont wanna slow down to stutter step…trust me, it’s better to hurdle with the leg that reaches the hurdle first than stutter step…because every millisecond counts! Practice spacing the hurdles closer together, knowing that during a race your stride will be a little longer, and then move the hurdles farther apart. Eventually you will get used to, and confident enough, to hurdle anything at any speed at any distance. 

coffee-and-hershey-kisses:   Just wanted to say we live really close! (: Sorry not to be a creep, but you're in the north Chicago suburbs and i'm in the south! Maybe someday a track meet will be in the middle and we'll face each other :P Sorry for the creepin lol

creeping is allowed haha. don’t worry! YES that would be awesome! Were in CSL league for conference or something. i have no idea actually.. BUT IT WOULD STILL ROCK

dobby4ever:   Where are you from? like what school do your run for? I run 400s and sometimes 200s for my school, I'm planning on trying out 800s this year.

Im from Chicago (suburb) i run for Glenbrook North High School.  Awesome!! Those are my races (I think I should try out an 800 as well)


Anonymous:   I am a sophmore in high school and I plan on doing track for the first time. I want to do the 400m hurdles,maybe the 800 m, the javelin throw, and the high jump. Should I narrow what I want to do down, how should I condition for each event? HELP!

well, most of those events can be helped by working the leg, butt, and core.  I think that you should try some cross training (some cardio, muscular workouts [both endurance and muscular workouts]).  Running  uses almost all of your muscles, so work on overall fitness. once you get to season , each event coach will help you get in better shape and telly you more specific workouts :) hope this helped a little

Anonymous:   how old are you?

17 almost 18

Anonymous:   You're so helpful, what do you run/do in track?

Awe :3 that means so much to me, Thanks! You can search my events on my page under pr’s but I run 200 and 400 opens and relays :)

Anonymous:   Hi, I run spring track at my school but this is my first year doing indoor, it starts in 16 days and Im not even close to being in shape. Plus I need to start a diet, any tips?

Of course! Okay so the first thing I want to address is the fact that you said you need to start a diet. Instead of this, I am going to suggest you not go on a full out diet rather limit your portions and watch what foods you eat. One great way of also being conscious of the foods you eat is by using my fitness pal. It’s an app or online. You can log your food intake :) secondly. 16 days is actually more than you think. It should take about a week for your times to drop or to gain new muscle. I’d suggest going for a run every other day and then working muscles in between. A great fun way to get toned also is by using a great video tutorial. It’s name is “blogilates”. You can YouTube her. I have been following her videos for almost 5 months now and they really do help. Good luck with your season. I hope this helped :3

Send me a message and I will do my best to answer questions or take any suggestions regarding anything! I love all of my followers. You make everything worth it :3